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Mandatory Disclosure
Information Brochure for Freshers
Anti-Ragging Measures
  Hostel Facilities & Regulations  
The institute is fully residential and provides hostel accommodation for all students. In exceptional cases, a student subsequent to admission may be permitted, on application in prescribed form, to remain with his/her parents or natural guardian living in nearby places. Students permitted to stay as day-scholars are exempted from payment of mess charges and Electricity charges only and will be entitled for refund of the mess advanced paid at the time of admission. All other dues will be collected from day scholars also. However, the students not provided with hostels accommodation by the institute will be exempted all hostel dues except Hostels fund.
Accommodation has been arranged in the hostels as scheduled below
1. Akash Bhawan Only Ist year B.Tech/MCA boys
2. Viswakarma Bhawan
3. Prithivi Bhawan
4. Rohini Bhawan All girl students of B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA & Diploma
5. Surya Bhawan All B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA Boys except Ist year Students
6. Aryabhatta Bhawan
7. Bhaskar Bhawan
8. Agni Bhawan All Diploma Boys students
Students admitted to hostels have to observe carefully the hostel rules as listed below. The rules are subject to modification from time to time. Violation of hostels rules may result in strict disciplinary action.
Ragging inside or out side the Hostel or Campus is banned by the Government of India. anybody, found indulged in Ragging in any form, will be summarily expelled from the Institute.
What Constitutes Ragging
Ragging constitutes one or more of any of the following acts.
Any conduct by any student or students whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student
Indulging in rowdy or indisciplined activities by any student or students which causes or is likely to cause annopyance, hardship, physical or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in any fresher or any other student
Asking any student to do any act which such student will not in the ordinary course do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or torment or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of such fresher or any other student
Any act by a senior student that prevents, disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of any other student or a fresher
Exploiting the services of a fresher or any other student for completing the academic tasks assigned to an individual or a group of students
Any act of financial extortion or foreeful expenditure burden put on a fresher or any other student by students
Any act of physical abuse including all variants of it, sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, stripping, foring obscene and lewd acts, gestures causing bodily harm or any other danger to health or person
Any act or abuse by spoken words, emails, post, public insults which would also include deriving perverted pleasure, vicarious or sadistic thrill from actively or passively participating in the discomfiture to fresher or any other student
Any act that affects the mental health and self-confidence of a fresher or any other student with or without an intent to derive a sadistic pleasure or showing off power, authority or superiority by a student over any fresher or any other student
Action in the Event of Ragging
The institution shall punish a student to those found guilty, one or more of the following punishments, namely
Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges
Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits
Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process
Withholding results
Debarring from representing the institution in any regional, national or international meet, tournament, youth festival etc.
Suspension/expulsion from the hostel
Cancellation of admission
Rustication from the institution for period ranging from one to four semesters
Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution for a specified period Provided that where the persons committing or abetting the act of ragging are not identified, The institution shall resort to collective punishment.
The following committee have been constituted to prevent ragging activities in the Institute
As per guideline of All India Council for Technical Education, Hon’ble Supreme Court, Government of India and Government of Odisha the following committees are constituted to prevent ragging in any form inside or outside the Institute campus.
Ragging Prevention Committee
Prof. S. C. Pattanaik, Prof. and Head, Metallurgical Engg. 98610 34812 (M)
Dr S.K.Chand, Prof and Head, Civil Engg. 98612 10510 (M)
Dr B.D. Sahoo, Prof & HOD, Mechanical Engg. 98611 90444 (M)
Dr B.P.Panigrahi, Prof & HOD, Elect Engg.  
Prof. B. Sarangi, HOD TP & Chemical Engg. (I/C) 94371 37760 (M)
Prof. S. N. Mishra, Head of Department, CS&A 98614 14972 (M)
Prof R.K.Kar,Supdt. Bhaskar Bhawan 94377 29502 (M)
Dr P.K.Pani, Supdt. Akash Bhawan  
Prof. R.S.Subudhi, Supdt., Aryabhatta Bhawan  
Mrs Aseema Rout, Supdt. Rohini Bhawan  
Mr P.K.Roy, Supdt,Agni Bhawan  
Prof L.N.Tripathy, Supdt. Surya Bhawan  
Prof. M.Moharana, Registrar  
Sri S.K.Rath, Dy Registrar 94377 28608 (M)
Prof. R. K. Swain, Warden of Hostel and Convenor 98614 41728 (M)
Anti Ragging Squard (Faculty)
Sri Bhagirathi Tripathy, Lect  Civil Sri Srinibas Sethy, Lect, CSA
Sri Umakanta Sahoo, Lect Elect. Dr C.R.Dash, Lect., Math
Sri Trilochan Rout, Lect Mechanical Sri  Debi Prasad Pani, Lect , English
Special Squard For Ladies Hostel  
Dr. (Mrs.) N. Padhi, Professor in English 98610 47079 (M)
Mrs. N. Mishra, SGL in Mathematics
Mrs. Dipa Das, Lect. in Chemical Engg. 99375 17210 (M)
Anti Ragging Squard (Students)  
Final Year Boys
1. Chemical Engg. Sri Sibaprasad Parida
2. Metallurgy Engg. Sri Aditya Sankar Routray
3. Civil Engg. Sri B.Naresh Kumar Deo
4. Electrical Engg. Sri Ashutosh Mishra
5. Mechanical Engg. Sri Abhimanyu Barik
3rd Year Boys
1. Chemical Engg. Sri Jakr    Ansari
2. Mett. Engg.

Sri  Jitun

3. Civil Engg. Jagatendu Pratap Lenka
4. Elect. Engg. Jyoti Bhusan Barik
5. Mecg Engg. Narendra Behera
6. Elect & Tele.Ebgg. Amit Ku Patra
7. Comp. Sc.Engg. Amit Ku Mishra
2nd Year Boys
1. Chemical Engg. Sri Rasan Satpathy
2. Mett. Engg.

Sarthak Rath

3. Civil Engg. Manas Naik
4. Elect Engg. Rakesh Sahoo
5. Mechanical Engg. Debasis Mohanty
6. Elect & Tele. Engg. Sakti Prassan Naik
7. Comp.Sc.Engg. Rajiv Lochan Patro
Hostel Rules
The students are advised to obey the following Hostel Rules. All students are required to comply with the Hostel Rules and such Supplementary Rules and Regulations as may be framed by the Hostel Council from time to time. Ignorance of these rules and regulations shall not be accepted as an excuse for violating any of them.
The boarder must submit the prescribed Biodata form with photograph to the respective Superintendents.
A student shall not discontinue  in the Hostel unless he has been permitted by the Principal to do so.
A student shall apply for and obtain necessary permission from the Superintendents prior to remaining  absent from the Hostel overnight or longer. Frequent overstay or undue delay in resumption of residence after holidays shall be reported to the Principal. No boarder shall be allowed to remain outside the Hostel premises after 10 p.m. except with specific prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent obtained in writing and duly communicated to the perfect.
A student shall take due care of his belonging. No one else will be responsible for their loss and damage.
A student shall keep to the hours set for the meals and studies. Normally study hours are from 7.00 pm except on institute film show days for respective classes.
Every student shall provide his own lock in his room or unit. He shall also provide his own electric bulb (not exceeding 60 watts).
No extra electric connection shall be taken from the points already existing in any room nor shall any additional fittings installed without the specific permission of the Superintendent in each case. When the use of the additional electrical appliances is permitted the student shall pay for the cost of an extra point of additional electricity consumed at such rate as may be fixed by the principal in each case. Operation of unauthorised electric appliances shall be furnished with forfeiture of such appliance at sight and fines for misconduct.
A student shall be responsible for furniture and fittings of the room allotted to him and when vacating the room he shall hand over the furniture and fittings intact to the Superintendent No furniture may be removed from the room without the permission of the Hostel Superintendent. Repair and replacement costs will be charged to the students responsible for loss or damage.
No boarder shall permit an outsider to stay in his room or within the hostel premises except with permission of the superintendent.
Use of intoxicants, all form of gambling, noisy games or playing musical instruments etc. which are likely to disturb are strictly forbidden in the Hostel.

No meeting shall be held in the Hostel except with prior approval of the Hostel Superintendent.

A student shall be required to lend his active help and co-operation towards the maintenance of the Hostel.
Hostel dues shall be paid monthly on 5th to 20th of every month, Institute dues shall not be accepted unless the students has cleared the hostel dues.
Every student residing in the Hostel must join in the Hostel Mess.
Rules for the Ladies Hostel (Rohini Bhawan)
The boarders of ladies hostel must follow the following rules and regulations. They must submit the prescribed biodata form with photograph to the Superintendent.
The boarders must maintain the study hour from 7.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. as per the prospectus circulated to the student. Playing of musical instrument are not allowed during study hour.
They are free to move inside the campus from 6.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. or upto sunset which ever is earlier in summer and 6.00 A.M. to 6.30 P.M. in winter. On emergency the boarders can go outside the respective hostel, after the schedule time, with the special permission of their superintendent.
The parents/guardians may submit two names of outside visitors who can be permitted to visit their daughters. No boarders will meet other outside visitor whose names are not recommended by the parents/Guardians. They can visit the boarders with the special permission of the Superintendent.
They must sign in the register kept in security post mentioning the time of departure and arrival for going outside the campus & return respectively.
Visitors must put their signatures (full) with address in the register and dates & time to whom she will meet.
  Visiting hours  :
Summer : 5.00 P.M. to 6.30 P.M.
Winter  : 4.30 P.M. to  6.00P.M.